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Solar energy in the sun-rich regions of the Middle East and of North Africa (MENA) has an immense potential. Technologies to exploit this potential exist. Part of this solar energy could be imported to Europe to achieve climate-neutral goals on a global scale. This would not only reduce greenhouse gas emission but also creates an added value to developing or emerging countries to obtain sustained economic growth and to remove energy poverty.

Despite the fascinating prospects of solar energy from the desert, there are political, regulatory and economic challenges which aggravate the realization of this concept. Science is – by the virtue of its international character- a neutral and important facilitator in driving sustainable development and may build bridges between Europe and MENA to overcome those obstacles.

We want to initiate a joint energy/science partnership between Europe and MENA that is based on increased scientific cooperation on the one hand and the promotion of renewable energy in MENA on the other hand - towards a vision of a community of shared interests in energy, science and climate protection. In view of the actual situation in MENA it is more important than ever to strengthen scientific links and to develop together a long-term partnership – with bright prospects and to the benefits of all of us.

The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY and the German Aerospace Center DLR in cooperation with the Egypt Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Synchrotron radiation laboratory SESAME in Jordan have organised a major two-day Symposium on “Solar Energy for Science”. The event took place on 19/20 May 2011 at DESY in Hamburg, the European Green Capital of the year 2011.

The main thrust of the Symposium was to stimulate a new partnership between European research centers and research institutions in MENA to promote renewable energies and sustainable development through scientific cooperation on all levels. The Symposium brought together a broad range of scientific, economic and political expertise from Europe, Middle East and North Africa to discuss and sharpen the idea of a novel energy/science partnership.

Helmut Dosch
Chair of the Conference and
Chair of the Board of Directors at DESY